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If there is such a thing as reincarnation I want to come back as a dog under Kerry-Anne's care, our dogs always seem to have a great time when they are with her.

BG and MC

Heidi Allam (Oliver)

We left our rather anxious pup, Oliver, with Kerry-Anne, directly after coming home from vacation. In addition, we were away from home in a strange hotel room, and meeting Kerry-Anne for the first time. Before we even left the room, Oliver was fast asleep next to Kerry-Anne. They took a few walks together, snuggled up with his blanket, with absolutely no issues prior to us returning later in the evening (with regular text updates and photos). Kerry-Anne has a special way with animals - we can't thank her enough for taking care of our fur baby, as well as making him so comfortable and relaxed.

Thank You so much Kerry-Anne...we just got back and what a joy it was knowing that Sophie had some company and walkies while I was away. We will definitely use your services again


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